Friday, August 12, 2011

San Francisco

San Francisco Highlights (3 days)
- Walking the city.
- Hiding in cafes while the city is covered in endless rain.
- Re-discovering the work of Diego Rivera and visiting multiple murals.
- Visiting the old arcade machines at Musee Mecanique.
- Eating a delicious meal at Safa, in my hotel. Vegetarian and gluten free, it was a mix of traditional Yemenese and Californian. Unexpected Yum.
- Meeting Ryan and being taken swing dancing.
- Spending the day at the SFMOMA and seeing two great shows; 'the Steins Collect' (Matisse, Picasso and the Parisian Avant-Garde) and 'Face of our Time', photography by Jim Goldberg, Daniel Schwartz, Zanele Muholi, Jacob Aue Sobol and Richard Misrach.